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My Mom is is simply the strongest woman I know. This photo shoot signifies another hard time in my mothers life. She recently discovered that her fight against cancer was not over. This is my Mom’s 3rd bought of cancer in 11 years. She is an amazing woman, wife, mother, and grandmother who is determined to fight this horrible monster we all know as cancer.  Anyone who has the strength to fight this monster once is amazing, but three times …there are just no words. We wanted to capture what she was feeling in this moment and I believe we accomplished our goal. Now, without further or due here is      My Best Friend.     The One I Look Up To.     My Hero.     My Mother.

The edit on the above images is an artistic approach that has meaning behind every element. The old house signifies a strong meaning in my my Moms life as she grew up in the house just across the highway from this one. It also stands for “with standing time or strength”. My mom, one of the strongest woman I know, going through her third bought of cancer is undoubtably as strong as this house. The dark contrasty edit signifies hard times. The sun flare in the window signifies the light at the end of it all. The light is our drive, it is her drive. Her drive to fight this horrible monster of cancer. Her drive to live.

This image was given a lot of thought and I wanted to share its meaning with all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

My mom with my babies.

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